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Why Choose Our Renowned Gynecology Center for Vaginal Fat Grafting

Our top-rated, industry-leading women’s cosmetic gynecology center in New York City specializes in the Gold-Standard labia fat transfer procedure, also referred to by patients as labial puffing. This highly demanded vaginal fat grafting procedure involves harvesting fat from one area of the body – such as the inner thighs- and transferring the it to the labia majora (outer labia) to provide a fuller appearance or replace lost volume.

Dr. Ammar Mahmoud is gynecologic surgeon specializing in women’s cosmetic surgery. As one of New York City’s most qualified vaginal aesthetics surgeons, you can trust Dr. Mahmoud to provide the highest standard of care when it comes to vaginal fat grafting. 

Dr. Mahmoud is a member of the following distinguished organizations:

Dr. Mahmoud implements the latest advancements in liposuction techniques known as VASER liposuction, a minimally invasive gentler technology to harvest fat. By using sound waves that target only fat, VASER liposuction leaves your healthy connective tissue and skin unharmed. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and recovery is faster when compared to alternatives. VASER liposuction also allows for better fat preservation leading to better results.  

Before and After Labial Puffing Photos

Our before and after photos speak for themselves.

The Benefits of a Labia Fat Transfer Procedure

The benefits of labial puffing/vaginal fat transfer include:

Natural Results

Fat transfer to the labia majora allows for a smoother and tighter look. Since there are no stitches or cuts involved, there will be no scarring of the labia or vaginal area. This enhances the natural look of the vagina,  making it appear fuller and smoother.

Concealing Unattractive Bulges

A fuller labia majora can help with concealing a prominent labia minora, helping to  decrease discomfort during intercourse and when wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Improved Appearance

Fat contains a high number of adipocyte derived components, which are harvested along with the fat. They are both transferred to the labia majora, during which these components act to  improve skin tone and texture, making the skin appear younger and healthier for years to come.

More Confidence

With this procedure, patients gain a more positive attitude about the appearance of their vagina. Intercourse is more enjoyable and less stressful when you are confident about yourself. As a result, intimacy can be much more satisfying for both partners.

Better Sex

By providing a layer of fat in the labia majora, labial puffs can improve comfort during intercourse. The fat added to the labia majora may reduces the labia minora’s exposure. As a result, friction can be reduced leading to improved and sexual pleasure.

Minimally-Invasive Procedure

There are no cuts, stitches or sutures involved in the area of the vagina. The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. Post-procedural downtime is minimal and you can usually resume intercourse after 1-2 weeks.

The Labial Fat Transfer Process

Labial fat transfer is a minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure. Here are the steps we follow at our New York City cosmetic gynecological clinic for labial puffing:

During your initial consultation, we will present you with multiple examples of the amount of fat that can be transferred and the final result that can be achieved. We ensure that the amount of fat we transfer helps you achieve the desired result. Even if the amount of fat transferred is minimal, it can be very effective at reducing laxity and wrinkles. Sometimes, to reduce the appearance of a protruding clitoral hood and labia minora, we may transfer a larger amount of fat.

Using VASER liposuction, we will collect approximately 50-100 millilitres of fat. VASER is unique because it fragments fat using ultrasound waves, causing less damage to the surrounding tissue. Consequently, the results are smoother and more aesthetic. Generally, the fat is obtained from the inner/outer thighs of one or both legs. The amount removed is so minimal that there is no visible difference. The fat is then filtered to extract the healthiest portions.

Using precise techniques, we harvest the fat and prepare it for transfer into the labia majora. We use minuscule cannulas that are similar to those used in injectable dermal fillers. You will feel little to no pain during the process. It is estimated that 60 -70 percent of the transferred fat will remain forever allowing for this to be a truly one-time procedure with life long satisfaction. 

In most cases, you may return to work in as little as 3 days. It is usually recommended to wait 1-2 weeks before returning to exercise or sexual activity. 

Why Transfer Fat to Your Labia Majora?

The purpose of this procedure is to add volume and plumpness to your labia majora, also known as your vaginal lips. This will help enhance the skin’s appearance, reduce sagging and eliminate wrinkles.

The treatment consists of harvesting a small amount of your own fat adipocytes in order to provide your vagina with a more youthful appearance. 

Sagging or wrinkled skin can be caused by the following conditions: 

These factors can also cause the labia minora to protrude past the labia major, creating an open or flabby appearance. A labial fat transfer helps conceal the labia minora and improve the aesthetics of the vagina. Overall, the procedure can help you achieve a more youthful and symmetrical look.

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Labia Puff Treatments

We offer the following options to patients requesting labia puffs in New York:

Dermal Filler Treatment

For immediate results, we might use an injectable hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm or Restylane, which will increase the volume of the labia majora bilaterally. It is estimated that the effects of this treatment will last for about 12 months. It is recommended for patients who are:

Fat Transfer to Labia Majora

For long-term labia fat transfer treatment, adipocytes are harvested from the patient’s own body and transferred to the labia majora. The results last longer than dermal fillers and the overall appearance is more natural. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, the labia majora will have an unblemished appearance.

Related Procedures

Many patients who come in for labial puffing also choose to undergo additional treatments. Here are a few treatments that patients often receive along with labial puffing in New York City.

vaginoplasty perineal scar revision nyc

Vaginoplasty & Perineal Scar Revision

Our clinic often receives patients who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their vagina. Usually, this is because the vagina appears open or has become loose due to aging and childbirth. A vaginoplasty or perineoplasty can reduce the laxity of the vagina or perineum and improve its overall appearance. A fat transfer to the labia majora would reduce sagging and rejuvenate wrinkled vaginal lips, providing a more youthful appearance.


In cases where the labia minora protrudes beyond the labia majora and causes discomfort, a labial fat transfer and labiaplasty can help produce natural results. Most patients who undergo a labiaplasty or a reduction of the labia minora also request a fat transfer to the labia majora. As a result, the labia minora will look more even and ‘tucked-in,’ while the plumped up labia majora will further conceal the inner labia, creating a pleasing symmetrical appearance.

clitoral hood reduction in nyc

Clitoral Hood Reduction

By removing the excess skin surrounding the area and providing volume to the vaginal lips, a fat transfer to the labia majora combined with a clitoral hood reduction can help patients who feel their clitoris is too large and protruding. 

A combination of labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and labia fat transfer is popular at our vaginal surgery center in New York City.

Vaginal Bleaching & Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching together with labia fat transfer can enhance the volume, texture, and tone of the labia majora and vagina. By combining these treatments, patients can achieve the youthful and bright vaginal appearance they desire.

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fat transfer to labia majora cost nyc

Cost of Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora

A dermal filler transfer can cost from $1600 to $3000, while a fat transfer can range from $4000 to $6000.


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How much fat will need to be transferred?

The amount of fat we transfer depends purely on the patient’s final goal. Our highly qualified surgeons will use their experience and expertise to determine the optimal amount. Our highly qualified surgeons will use their experience and expertise to determine the optimal amount, depending on whether you simply want to reduce sagging in the region or  completely hide the labia minora and vaginal opening.

When can I resume regular work and exercise?

You can return to work and your regular day-to-day activities three days after your labia puffing procedure.

Will my results appear natural or will the fat transfer be overdone?

Labial puffs are tailored to appear natural and understated to the point where new sexual partners do not realize you’ve had any work done. Results are often so natural that even an experienced gynecologist will not be able to tell that you’ve had a cosmetic procedure performed.

If I don’t like the results, can I reverse the treatment?

Absolutely; we can always dissolve the hyaluronic dermal fillers using an injectable enzyme (hyaluronidase), breaking down the filler within hours. You also have the option to remove fat via liposuction techniques if you’re not satisfied.

Are there any incision holes or scars that are left from the procedure?

There will be no scars or incision holes. Our labial puffing specialists use cannulas the size of a needle to push the fat through. There will be no scarring or incision marks whatsoever.

What will my vulva look like right after the procedure?

You should expect to have a normal amount of swelling immediately after this procedure, with no appreciable tenderness. The inflammation only lasts 24 hours though. It takes up to two to three weeks for complete aesthetic recovery. We will provide post-treatment instructions  to ensure a successful recovery.

How long must I wait before engaging in sexual activities?

You can return to sexual intercourse five days after your fat transfer procedure.

Do I need to repeat this procedure?

If you receive a labia fat transfer from our clinic, you will not need to repeat this procedure as the results last for a lifetime. If you elect to have a dermal filler treatment, you will need to repeat this procedure after a year.

If I don’t do a follow-up procedure, will the appearance deteriorate? Will my skin loosen or sag?

If you receive the dermal filler treatment, the results will last approximately 12 months and then revert to its previous state. However, if you choose the fat transfer procedure, there’s no risk of the labia majora’s appearance deteriorating. On the contrary, the treatment will delay natural aging and maintain a youthful appearance in the area for years to come.

Can this procedure be performed if I have genital warts?

Yes, a labia fat transfer can be performed if you suffer from genital warts or the herpes simplex virus. We will provide you with antiviral medication to help decrease the chance of an outbreak. We can also remove any genital warts present with a precise, cutting-edge laser.

Do you recommend any products to improve the sagging, volume or texture of the labia majora?

Many products promise to help improve the sagging, volume, and texture of the labia majora due to aging or other factors. However, none of them have been proven to give the same incredible results as dermal fillers or fat transfers. Due to the lack of clinical evidence, we do not recommend any specific creams. If you want to improve the vaginal skin’s appearance further, we can bleach the labia majora using industry-leading laser technology or peels.

Am I a good candidate for labial puffs?

You’re a good candidate for labia puffs if you are: 

  • In good overall health 
  • Looking for an improvement in the appearance, size or volume of your labia majora
  • Realistic about the results of this procedure 

In your initial consultation, we will determine if you’re a good candidate for labial puffing.


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