There has never been a better time to take charge of your sexual health and satisfaction. We offer a number of clinically proven surgical and minimally-invasive procedures for vaginal rejuvenation and to boost sexual enjoyment for both women and men.

Labiaplasty surgery corrects labia hypertrophy or elongated labia minora to alleviate the pain and discomfort from friction and chaffing during exercise or sexual intercourse. It also creates a more aesthetically pleasing and ‘tidy’ appearance. The trim technique and wedge technique are used, depending on the patient’s individual needs and concerns.

After giving birth, many women experience changes in their vagina such as feeling more “loose” than before having children. This can reduce sensation and pleasure from sexual activities and can negatively affect her self-esteem. Vaginoplasty repairs the separated vaginal muscles while removing redundant vaginal tissue. Labiaplasty may be performed at the same time.

At our state-of-the-art vaginal rejuvenation clinic in NYC, we offer the World’s most innovative and in-demand vaginal procedures available. Our vaginal rejuvenation experts will help you choose the optimal procedure for you. From ThermiVa, FemiLift, O-Shot, Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty and other surgical, minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures, we have you covered.

ThermiVa® is a non-surgical procedure that uses an RF (radio frequency) emitting wand to tighten the vagina and improve the appearance of the labia and vaginal muscles. The treatment lasts about 10-15 minutes for labial tightening, 15-25 minutes for vaginal tightening and 25-30 minutes for labia major and vaginal canal treatment. The results will be seen after just one treatment!

FemiLift is a fractional CO2 (carbon dioxide laser) that helps women achieve non-surgical vaginal tightening for cosmetic reasons and to relieve stress urinary incontinence. This treatment will increase lubrication, restore the strength of the vaginal walls supporting your bladder and help eliminate chronic vaginal infections. The process consists of three 10-minute sessions that are painless and occur four weeks apart.

O-Shot treatment boosts regeneration and promotes the formation of new blood vessels. This innovative procedure improves a woman’s sexual satisfaction through heightened sexual sensation and response, stronger and more frequent orgasms (particularly vaginal orgasms), improved lubrication and relief from urinary incontinence.

It’s common for women to experience tearing of the perineum during childbirth, a condition that can lead to scarring and disfigurement. Perineal Scar Revision surgery can correct post-partum scar tissue to improve its appearance and functionality. Your surgeon may recommend vaginoplasty at the same time to rebuild your vaginal muscles and improve tightness.

As we age we lose natural fullness in our skin, including the vulvar region. Vulvar fat grafting involves transferring fat from another area to the vulva in order to restore firmness and correct any asymmetry. The biggest advantage of this procedure is using your own fat which reduces any adverse reactions.

We specialize in the industry-leading clitoral hood reduction procedure. This is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces excess skin surrounding the clitoral hood for patients looking to reduce the appearance of a protuberant clitoris or to increase clitoral sensation and sensitivity during sexual intercourse or self-stimulation.

Chronic pelvic pain can affect a woman at any age and our main objective is to find the reason why it’s happening. This may involve a thorough physical assessment and testing to get to the bottom of the problem. Managing chronic pain may be necessary through the use of pain medication and other techniques to reduce discomfort.