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At the office of Dr. Ammar Mahmoud, a minimally invasive gynecological and vaginal rejuvenation surgery center in NYC, we understand that each woman’s healthcare needs are highly personal and unique. Whether your concerns are aesthetic or functional in nature, our highly experienced team offers the most advanced vaginal rejuvenation procedures to address all your intimate concerns. We have performed over a thousand procedures at our New York City clinic. From cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation including Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty to Vaginal Fat Transfer and Clitoral Hood Reduction, our specialty women’s heath clinic is here to care for all of your individual needs. We will customize your care to help you look and feel your best, helping improve sensation, appearance and confidence.

about labiaplasty new york city
Dr. Ammar Mahmoud Labiaplasty New York City

Dr. Ammar Mahmoud

Lead Physician


Meet Dr. Mahmoud

Dr. Ammar Mahmoud is a world renowned minimally invasive cosmetic gynecological surgeon.  He specializes in cosmetic vaginal surgical and non-surgical procedures involving sexual wellness and function.  Dr. Mahmoud trained at St. George’s University where he served as the Vice President of the Medical Honor Society and on the board of the Anatomical Clinical Research Society.  He completed his residency at the State University of New York Downstate, where he continues to serve as a clinical associate professor.

Recently, Dr. Mahmoud was a keynote speaker on cutting edge labiaplasty/vaginoplasty techniques and served as a faculty member at the International Cosmetic Gynecology Conference in 2018 and 2019.

Dr. Ammar Mahmoud has extensive expertise in a wide range of cosmetic and functional gynecological procedures and he is dedicated to treating our patients with compassion, dedication, professionalism and care based on your individual needs.
Dr. Ammar Mahmoud

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At Labiaplasty NYC, for a limited-time, we are offering each new patient a, no obligation consultation to come see our clinic, meet our staff and to find out which of our services may be ideal for YOU!

We’ll give you a transparent quote for the price of labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, or any other service you may be interested in.