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clitoral hood reduction nyc

Why Choose Our GYN Center for Your Clitoral Hood Reduction in NYC

Our innovative and industry-leading GYN specialty clinic in NYC performs hundreds of clitoral hood reduction procedures each year. Our highly certified clinic has perfected the clitoral hood reduction procedure and has an extremely high success rate.


We Focus On the Details

Most often the clitoral hood is ignored during cosmetic vaginal procedure such as labiaplasty, leaving an unwanted result or a clitoral hood protrusion that may lead to an unnatural  “top-heavy” appearance that many patients seek to have revised or surgically corrected. Often this excess skin is left behind by other plastic and cosmetic surgeons due to lack of experience with operating in this sensitive area.

Why Choose Dr. Ammar Mahmoud

Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ammar Mahmoud, has extensive experience performing the clitoral hood reduction procedure by tailoring the amount reduced to meet the desired aesthetic and/or functional goal of the patient. During a hood reduction procedure there is no surgical alteration of the clitoris itself. Dr. Mahmoud focuses solely on reducing the skin surrounding the clitoral hood to significantly improve the appearance and increased sensation if so desired by the patient.  If the procedure is performed for pure cosmetic reasons, then the postoperative sensation of the clitoris during intercourse is not altered at all.


At the Forefront of Minimally Invasive Clitoral Hood Reduction Procedures

Dr. Mahmoud is a professional member of the following prestigious societies and congress:

Dr. Mahmoud utilizes the latest cutting-edge techniques such as laser and radiofrequency technology for safe and satisfactory clitoral hood reduction. This allows for optimal healing and the best results for patients.

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An Individual Approach for Your Unique Situation

Our clinic takes a more conservative approach that is individualized specifically for each patient’s unique anatomy.

The results speak for themselves, as you can see by our genuine patient testimonials and our patient gallery. Our patients praise the lack of discomfort they feel during and after the procedure and the pleasant, specialized staff along with a private environment that helps make the entire experience stress-free, quick and painless.

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Benefits of Clitoral Hood Reduction

There are two reasons patients come into our Vaginal Surgery Center in New York City seeking a clitoris reduction; also termed clitoral hoodectomy, clitoral unhooding, or partial hoodectomy.


Patients often request a clitoral hood reduction for aesthetic purposes. If a patient has excessive skin in the clitoral hood causing the female genitalia to look like its protuberant, the surgeon can reduce the skin using a minimally invasive technique that doesn’t affect the sensation and exposure of the clitoris. Our gynecological surgeons have performed hundreds of clitoral hood reductions that have resulted in improved vaginal appearance and aesthetic harmony.


Aging, childbirth and weight fluctuation can cause the skin surrounding the clitoris to elongate. Some patients wish to expose the clitoris with a clitoral hood reduction for more sensation and sensitivity during sexual intercourse with a partner or during self-stimulation. We have many years of experience helping patients achieve these exact outcomes.

The Clitoral Hood Reduction Process

What is A Clitoral Hood Reduction?

The appearance of the clitoral hood can be transformed and improved as per the patient’s specific request using a minimally invasive laser and radiofrequency technique. This cutting-edge technology doesn’t go deeper than 1 millimeter below the skin’s surface to promote quick and painless healing. Our industry-leading techniques lead to incredible results, both cosmetically and functionally, with no scarring. 

Clit reduction surgery, also known as clitoral hood reduction, can be done as a standalone procedure or as part of a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty procedure. We will reduce the projection or protrusion of the labia minora as well as the clitoral hood so that there is improved vaginal symmetry and harmony.

Related Procedures

Many patients who come in for other treatments opt to have a clitoral hood reduction procedure done at the same time to achieve synergistic results. Here are some related procedures to clitoral hood reductions in New York City:

One of the most relevant complementary services to a clitoral hood reduction is a labia reduction. Labiaplasty is another one of our specialties. Whether it’s a labia minora reduction or a labia majora reduction, this procedure, in tandem with a clitoral hood reduction, helps patients achieve improved comfort, sexual satisfaction and vaginal harmony. Check out our gallery to see our Labial Reduction Before And After Photos.

Additionally, we have many patients who have received a labiaplasty procedure at another clinic, which resulted in a top-heavy, abnormal look. We have the expertise to perform corrective clitoral hood reductions when another surgeon has done a labia reduction causing the patient to have irregular-looking skin on the folds of the clitoral hood. Our surgeons have the skills to improve the appearance of the clitoral hood and allow for better, natural, flow of the patient’s external genitalia. Results are often so natural that even an experienced gynecologist will not be able to tell that you’ve had a cosmetic procedure performed.

Clitoral hood reduction is often performed in conjunction with a perineal scar revision for patients. This procedure aims to return the target area between the anus and the vagina to its pre-pregnancy state and tighten the entrance of the vagina to improve penetrative intercourse, sensation, and appearance. A clitoral hood reduction can further improve sexual sensation by increasing the clitoris’ sensitivity.

When patients come to our vaginal surgical center in New York City looking to improve sexual dysfunction due to vaginal laxity, they often request a clitoral hood reduction. Increased exposure of the clitoris combined with increased vaginal tightness leads to optimal sexual performance and satisfaction. 

A fat transfer to the labia majora procedure is perfect for patients looking for a more youthful and plump appearance in their labia and increased comfort during sex. A labia puffing procedure adds fat to the labia majora, which will help conceal the clitoris. A clitoral hood reduction will make the clitoris look less pronounced and allow for an even more aesthetically pleasing look.

This non-surgical rejuvenation treatment is designed to enhance sexual pleasure by amplifying the G-spot. Patients with trouble achieving orgasm may also wish to have a clitoral hood reduction to increase their clitoral sensation, which is covered by a protuberant hood.

Combining vaginal laser rejuvenation with a clitoral hood reduction procedure will increase sexual sensation and vaginal lubrication. This combination will not only improve the appearance of the clitoris but will also improve a patient’s sexual function and confidence.

clitoral hood reduction surgery price nyc

Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery Price

The price for a clitoral hood reduction in NYC ranges from $6000 to $8000USD.

Our patients frequently decide to undergo complementary procedures when they visit our clinic for the clitoral hood reduction procedure. Vaginoplasties are among the most popular procedures utilized in conjunction with clitoral hood reduction. The cost of vaginoplasties can vary based on your needs, that’s why it’s best to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Ammar to inquire whether you are a candidate. 


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Is clitoral hood reduction safe?

Yes, clitoral hood reduction is considered a safe procedure when performed by a highly experienced  gyn cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Mahmoud, who specializes in this exact procedure. The clitoris is one of the most delicate parts of the female genital anatomy. To ensure any risks with this procedure are avoided, patients must have this procedure performed by a trustworthy expert in a comfortable professional environment. In your initial consultation, we will answer any questions and address any concerns you have about clitoral hood reductions to ensure you feel 100% safe.

How long does a clitoral hood reduction take?

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, is painless, with minimal to no blood loss.

How many appointments do I have to make for this procedure?

Our process at Labiaplasty New York is simple. First, you will come in for your initial free consultation to confirm your interest and book a date for the procedure. Following this first meeting, you will have blood work completed. This step can be completed in any clinic of your choice. On the day of surgery, Dr. Mahmoud will have a second consultation to go over everything before completing the procedure. Once your clitoral hood reduction is complete, you will have two follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is going smoothly after one week and again after four weeks.

How long does a clitoral hood reduction recovery take?

After a clitoral hood reduction, there is minimal downtime. The day-to-day functional recovery is three days. You will be back to sexual intercourse, exercise or other strenuous activity in two to three weeks on average.

Would my clitoral sensation be too much to the point where it interferes with my day-to-day activity?

No, you don’t have to worry about an overly sensitive clitoris. During clitoral hood reduction procedures, we consider the function of the clitoris. We will increase clitoral sensitivity without overstimulating it. When wearing tight clothes, exercising or performing other regular daily activities, you will experience no interference and interruption.

When can I have intercourse again following my clitoral hood reduction?

On average, you can have intercourse two to three weeks after a clitoral hood reduction procedure.

Am I a good candidate for clitoral hood reduction?

You’re a good candidate for clitoral hood reduction you’re looking to:  

  • Improve the appearance of your clitoris
  • Increase your clitoral sensation or satisfaction during intimacy 
  • Increase the likelihood or ease of achieving an orgasm

In the first consultation, you’ll answer the Female Sexual Function Index questionnaire to confirm your candidacy.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Before And After Photos

Allow our before and after photos to speak for themselves.


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