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Mar 2021
Does labiaplasty affect sensation?
Many women considering labiaplasty often worry if the procedure will affect sensation during intercourse. If you are considering labiaplasty, it is important to understand the procedure. The procedure does not remove or damage any nerves. Instead, it only removes tissue, and tissues do not have nerve endings. Hence, you need not worry about a decrease in sexual sensation after a labiaplasty procedure. The amount of sensation that you feel after the procedure remains the same as it was before you underwent the procedure. If you need more information about the procedure or understand if you are a good candidate for it, book an appointment with Dr. Ammar Mahmoud today.
Feb 2021
Labiaplasty for Medical Reasons
Labiaplasty, whose popularity has increased in recent years, isn’t requested only for enhancing sexual enjoyment but also for medical reasons that may necessitate this procedure. An enlarged labia minor can make urinating difficult. The hypertrophy can be due to genetics, an increase in female hormones during puberty, during pregnancy, or from an infection in the area. Enlarged labia more easily trap body secretions, increasing chances of chronic urinary tract infections. Women who have faced these health problems, which can affect quality of life, are advised to explore their options in labiaplasty.
Jan 2021
Study Reveals How Labiaplasty Changes Quality of Life for Women
Labiaplasty is not just about aesthetics for most women. Terms like “designer vagina” take away from the gravity of the situation that women with elongated labia are facing. A study on 62 women between 17 to 61 years of age, undergoing labiaplasty, suggested that there is a significant improvement in the quality of life after the surgery. The participants in the study were asked to fill a questionnaire about the discomfort and symptoms relating to excess vaginal tissues before the surgery and again 2 years after the procedure. The study showed that there was a significant improvement in many physical and psychosocial symptoms after Labiaplasty surgery.
Jan 2021
Labiaplasty Is Not Always A Cosmetic Procedure, A Surgeon Explains
While there has been a lot of debate as to why women want to surgically undergo vaginal rejuvenation, a cosmetic surgeon talks about the stress and trauma that women undergo because of the notions that people have. Christopher Inglefield, a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at the London Bridge Clinic explained that labiaplasty is not always a luxury but often a necessity for many women. He stated that many of the women that come to him for the procedure suffer from great discomfort and it affects their personal lives. Though the number of women opting for the surgery is increasing, it does not mean women are becoming vainer but rather are more aware now, the surgeon said.